Uncollected dog waste is HARMFUL to our planet. 

  • Single gram of waste can contains an estimated 23 milllion different bacteria 

  • Dog waste is placed in same category as toxic chemicals (EPA)

  • Left waste does NOT decompose and will end up in water tables affecting drinking water quality


Travel Dog members are also part of an community of responsible dog owners who clean up after themselves and recognize the affects unscooped waste has on the environment.


A recent TripAdvisor survey showed:

  • 53% of pet owners travel with them

  • 52% of traveling pet owners will only stay in pet-friendly locations

Allowing dog owners and their travel companions to stay at your hotels has the potential to benefit your guests experience. This also gives hotels the opportunity to interact with a whole new demographic while still catering to your non-pet owners with ease.


Again, Travel Dog members understand the environmental impacts of their unscooped pets feces. With this understanding also comes a motivation to positively affect the community and create a cleaner city. 

Increasing pet access will lead to:

  • satisfied pet-owners

  • happier citizens and business owners

  • revenue growth for the municipality


When your business opens its doors to Travel Dog members, you're opening them to loyal and responsive customers. The amount of dog-friendly businesses is still low and pet owners are likely to become more frequent clients if they know their companion can join as well. 

Owning a dog is a lifestyle choice for many and opening your door will show that you shared that mindset, relating better to customers.