Increase Business, Clients, and Traffic


When you partner with Travel Dog, we will:


  • Link to your site from our site 

    • Backlinks increase your organic SEO ranking your site higher on Google

  • Coverage of your company and brands on our social media 

    • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • As TravelDog grows with you, a seperate database will be created for members to have the ability to find locations based off of their pets needs

    • Places to eat, hotels, medical attention, dog parks/activities

  • All Travel Dog members are also part of the PooPrints family which focuses on establishing and maintaining cleaner and greener communities with hopes of expanding pet access

    • A large issue many places of business have with dog presence is the inaction from owners to clean up after their pets

    • Our members understand the need for responsible pet ownership and are faced with consequences if they do not comply​

If this is an opportunity that sounds beneficial for your company, give us a call today or fill out our contact form here.

Creating cleaner and greener communities together


Providing pet-friendly travel accommodations to responsible owners


Increasing pet access attributing to a healthier economy and environment


Supporting the trend of owners spending more time with their dogs